The Integra Group

Thank you for your interest in BOSS

The fact you’re reading about our company likely means you’re likely exploring and considering the significant advantages that our business management software can give your business.

Perhaps you’re exploring how enterprise business management software can help you push through to that next level of growth, giving you a window into understanding your business that perhaps you've never before enjoyed. Perhaps you’re struggling with your current systems, or maybe you’re considering making the investments to take your operation to the next level.

Whatever your reason, we’re pleased you've discovered BOSS and we would like to share some background on our company that we’re hoping you find pertinent.

We Understand The Landscaping Business

The people on our team speak the landscaper’s language and understand the unique issues of landscape companies. We don’t just sell a software system; we give you a solution configured for your business. We back this with outstanding service to help our customers fully leverage the power of BOSS software and the very valuable data that comes from using BOSS.

Our Customers Speak For Us

We are proud to represent some of the best operators in the landscaping industry. BOSS clients get more than the best landscaping software and service. They enjoy the benefits of belonging to an inner circle community of successful landscape business owners. The BOSS user community shares best practices among its members, engages in client conferences, supports each other in peer-groups, and gets strategic exposure to the sharpest minds in the business.

BOSS Supports over 100 Landscape Businesses

Over 100 landscape clients ranging in revenue from $1M to $55M and located throughout the United States and Canada. BOSS is just getting started.