About Us

“True North”

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values are our “True North” that keep us headed in the right direction through all the challenges life and business may present.

Our Vision:

To be widely known for helping businesses become wildly successful

Our Mission:

To improve lives by helping businesses operate effectively


Our Core Values:


As our name suggests, we will conduct ourselves with such a level of integrity that it differentiates us. 


Integra exists to serve our clients. There is unique fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy found in solving a  challenge for another person. Let this be our motivation.  


Everything we create needs to convey a clear and noticeable level of excellence. 


We commit ourselves to leveraging our unique individual talents into a team synergy to accomplish what  could not be accomplished independently.


Tool for Growth

We want to put the right tools in business owners’ hands so that they can take their business to the next level. From the moment you send a quote to a client to the moment you make payroll, BOSS gives you the accuracy and confidence you’ve always wanted with business management software. Streamlining overhead is just the beginning. You and your team will see operations opened up in a whole new way, to analyze and grow. 

Since 1999, the Integra Group, Inc has been refining BOSS software to meet the ongoing demands and challenges the service sector faces. We are a leader in web-based cloud solutions because we saw, from our inception, the need for a better way to harmonize businesses with many moving parts. Integra Group, Inc began with the sole focus of creating custom software programs. We worked one-on-one with individual companies to understand the ins and outs of businesses of all sizes. We listened to them and we worked together toward better solutions. We got to the point where we fully understood what their needs were, where they were struggling, and how their company could improve. 

Data Driven

In doing so, we’ve gathered data, insights, and invaluable experience while working with hundreds of different company types and business structures. This led the Integra Group to develop BOSS business management software in a way that suits the needs of a wide variety of different service sector companies. Each industry has something to teach the other in overall business management effectiveness. We’ve put the best of each in our BOSS software to help make your business better.

Cutting Edge

Though BOSS software fits the mold for a large percentage of our clients, we take on custom solutions for companies that need creative solutions to complex problems. BOSS’s parent company, Integra Group, Inc, is solely focused on custom solutions. This keeps us on the cutting edge of custom development solutions. We take the solutions we come up with for these clients and constantly look for ways to improve the BOSS software.


The people on our team speak the landscaper’s language and understand the unique issues of landscape companies. We don’t just sell a software system; we give you a solution configured for your business. We back this with outstanding service to help our customers fully leverage the power of BOSS software and the very valuable data that comes from using it.



We are proud to represent some of the best operators in the landscaping industry. BOSS clients get more than the best landscaping software and service. They enjoy the benefits of belonging to an inner circle community of successful landscape business owners. The BOSS user community shares best practices among its members, engages in client conferences, supports each other in peer-groups, and gets strategic exposure to the sharpest minds in the business.


Over 100 landscape clients ranging in revenue from $1M to $55M and located throughout the United States and Canada.


The fact you’re reading about our company likely means you’re exploring and considering the significant advantages that our business management software can give your business.

Perhaps you’re exploring how enterprise business management software can help you push through to that next level of growth, giving you a window into understanding your business that you’ve never before enjoyed. Perhaps you’re struggling with your current systems, or maybe you’re considering making the investments to take your operation to the next level.

Whatever your reason, we’re pleased you’ve discovered BOSS.

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More than a Product, a Partner.


I can’t say enough about the data and information in there [BOSS reporting} … it is extremely valuable … if you are at any level where you are making decisions you have to spend some time in it … you have to understand the reports.
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