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Contract Renewals and Client Retention

Contract Renewals and Client Retention Maintenance contract renewals along with client retention rates are typically a tough subject around most landscape company's offices, especially with the mayhem that has already been the year 2020.  Goals were most likely set when the budget was built out and although many of those goals may have been met…
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Open Heart Surgery

The painful yet essential move to Landscape Business Software. Selecting and deploying a Business Management Software is one of the most significant decisions a management team will make in the life of their business.  Hopefully, the deployment of the software was a large part of the decision when it came to selecting the software for…
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My BOSS Software ROI

John Richter, President of Richter Landscape Company Most contractors invest heavily in equipment and tools for a specific task. However, once you have made those investments, you do not leave the piece of equipment in the yard at the office or keep the correct tool in the toolbox. You utilize them and make the most…
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Work On Your Business Not In Your Business

"Work On Your Business…. Not In Your Business" You may have heard this cliché before, but have you ever wondered what it really means, or how to put it into practice? Let’s break it down to understand the difference between working ON and IN your business. If you’re a Franklin Covey fan like me, you…
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