Is a Consultant or Investor Right for Me?

My family enjoys watching the TV show Shark Tank for many reasons: interesting products, it’s a great business class, helps us refine our own sales pitch, and (of course) there […]

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What Is Evergreen? The Core Value of PURPOSE

We believe that values-driven leadership teams are redefining success in the industry. While all companies love the journey of mastering our craft, the compass of rising market leaders is guided […]

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billing should be fun

Your Billing Process Should Be The Fun Part!

Why is the hardest part of many jobs getting everything together at the end to bill it? You already built a relationship, out-sold your competitors, acquired the talent and materials, […]

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Budgeting & Strategic Planning

Budgeting and Strategic Planning

A majority of our industry is walking through budgeting and strategic planning for next year, and between the hazards behind us and the uncertainty ahead many of BOSS LM‘s client […]

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SCALING UP: Time to Change Technology?

I was once at a trade show standing near an impressive display of some of the finest zero-turn mowers on the market.  The Sales Representative was talking with a landscape […]

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“The Right Stuff”: Choosing Your Snow Contractor

One of the toughest challenges to handle as a property owner or decision-maker is choosing your Winter Care contractor. Add a COVID-damaged budget, and a surge of contractors desperate for […]

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Streamlining Contract Renewals

Something as critical to business profitability as “contract renewals” should not sneak into the tail end of our to-do list, but most of us have days it feels that way. […]

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Managing Snow and Ice Liability

Most winter weather management professionals agree that our job isn’t “snow removal” anymore as much as “risk management”. Yes, larger snowfalls or ice events can batter properties, but increasingly ominous […]

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Hitting The Target: Material Forecasting vs Actuals

“Hey, John – I need to call the nursery and confirm Maintenance Division’s final materials list for annuals, pots, and chemical applications. Can you run that report again?”   “Sure!” […]

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