Open Heart Surgery

The painful yet essential move to Landscape Business Software.

Selecting and deploying a Business Management Software is one of the most significant decisions a management team will make in the life of their business.  Hopefully, the deployment of the software was a large part of the decision when it came to selecting the software for operating your business.  Some software packages offer no in-person or phone support during the deployment process others are very hands-on with phone, online, and in-person support.   

Now that you have selected the technology that will propel your company forward are you ready for the mental exercise that comes with it?  You have a vision of where you want your company to go but the path to get there using technology may be unclear.  Business leaders often make a critical mistake in choosing the path to reach their goal and that is they are unrealistic about where they are starting from. "You can't get where you're going if you don't know where you are."  Outside consultants can give you an objective view, peer groups are helpful, and talking to those that have done it before, learning from their mistakes can help.  The process doesn’t have to be painful, but it should be challenging, if not you may be missing something.  What processes can you automate, which ones will still require some human intervention, and are there items that should remain manual but simply documented electronically? 

Once you have the software all set up then the management of change can add additional challenges to the process.  Some staff will jump at the chance to improve, others are impervious, and others actively undermine the process.  Envisioning how this will take place and executing it is crucial, do you rip the bandage off, do you pull it off slowly or some combination of the two depending on the process.  When done well you will end up in a much better place, technology can quickly advance a company when done correctly.  Managing the human element well in conjunction with technology will achieve the best results.

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