The BOSS support website includes a knowledge-base filled with helpful articles and FAQs, training manuals, as well as tutorial videos and recordings of past webinars.

In addition, you can request personalized help from our Client Success Team members through Support. Our support personnel is spread throughout the country, are connected with technology tools, and are accessible from our eSupport site or by phone. All support staff is native English-speaking professionals located here in the United States, and support can be provided in Spanish. Our support personnel is very knowledgeable on BOSS because they also provide implementation services, training services, and perform testing on new releases. They are a critical component in making our clients successful.

One of Integra’s core values is Service, and you will find that reflected in our BOSS Support Team.

“I have worked with several software vendors over the last 30 years in my career.  Some of them are good and some are bad.  I just wanted to drop a note to say how much of a pleasure it is working with [the support team].  They have always been quick to respond. Even when I tell them they can wait until the next day to answer, they give me a solution on that day.  I never receive an answer to go look in the manual like sometimes I feel they should.  They also give me quick answers to things that would normally take several hours for me to test in the test system.

I have never written a thank you note like this because I figure it’s a company’s job to do this but I think these guys do exceptional work and thought it should be recognized.

None of them paid me to do this.

Please tell them I appreciate their work.” – Very Large Midwest client

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The detailed accuracy of your Service Items in your estimates within BOSS are key. It allows you to reconcile – it allows you to see line-by-line reconciliation [of estimates versus actuals].  This is why I make our guys bid all big construction jobs using Construction Work Orders. I want to be able to reconcile things very accurately. So if we’re bidding at a very detailed level on large installation jobs – some benefits that come up there: We reconcile line by line… my old version was… Read more
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 19

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