Case Study: Top Care

ROI GraphSituation at Top Care

Top Care provides a wide range of lawn care services for commercial, institutional and office locations in a three-state area in the Midwest. Top Care's story reveals an enduring pursuit of managing costs to control their business.  Rusty White, Top Care's Executive VP and COO, sees this as a straightforward, yet crucial principle if you want to your landscape services business to thrive.

Driven by a discipline of excellent customer service and consistent profitability, Top Care experienced steady growth.  As the business grew, Top Care found they were unable to manage their business with the same degree of control and certainty.  Rusty became very aggravated due to the frustration of “…not having the information I needed to make day-to-day decisions.”  Stretching their current systems and methods exposed a reliance on duplicate data entry and extensive manual processes.

A New Perspective on Software

If they were going to meet their goals of control and profitability, Rusty new they needed to abandon individual tools and find a better way.  BOSS LM was the solution to his vision of a fully-integrated system, and for many years, BOSS LM has helped Top Care reach new levels of success.

With BOSS LM’s single database that seamlessly integrated with Top Care’s accounting system, they were able to eliminate costs and redundant data entry.  More importantly, BOSS LM was specifically designed for the typical characteristics of a landscape services business, Top Care no longer needed to tediously maintain complex spreadsheets to understand what was really happening to their business.

Expense or Investment?

Adding the BOSS LM software system at Top Care was really like adding another profit-producing asset to the business.  Rusty considered the software purchase exactly the same as buying a piece of equipment, “…treating the BOSS LM software purchase like buying a mower or mulch blower makes you change your view from an expense to an investment and opens up a whole new way of thinking as you implement and evaluate results.”

At Top Care, ROI also means…Return on Information

Was the investment worth it?  Rusty says, “…we got our return in the first year.” Top Care now has a clearer view for their business decisions.  Rusty confidently emphasizes, with BOSS LM “I now have the visibility to see the profitability of any job or service at the click of a button.”

Rusty contends when purchasing any asset, whether it’s a piece of equipment or software, you need to use all of its features if you are really going to get your biggest return.  For Top Care this meant looking at every business decision and process to see how BOSS LM’s integrated information solution could help them.  As the Top Care team methodically selected the next process to implement, the entire business was quickly transformed into an efficient, timely operation.  All aspects of the business were touched and brought under control: sales, bidding, scheduling, purchasing, payroll and invoicing.

Rusty says his biggest ROI comes from the information he receives using BOSS LM.  “If the only value you are considering is reducing overhead, you’re missing it.  Sure, we were able to reduce overhead, but the real value is having information to make better decisions…today, I can’t see how I could run the business without BOSS LM.”