Are you a consultant in the landscaping industry? If so, we’d like to get to know you. What’s in it for you?

  1. Free training:  Video training, live training, hard-copy training and documentation.
  2. Free access:  Once certified, you will be provided access to a test account that you can use for training or experimentation or consulting.
  3. Free support:  When you have a question, you get direct access to our support team, just like our clients.
  4. Client access:  When our clients need help, there are times when an industry consultant is the best choice. At those times, we’ll refer them to the consultant that we believe will be the best fit.
  5. Product input:  When we’re preparing product enhancements, we use subject matter expert committees formed of people with specialized industry knowledge and, normally, BOSS experience. BOSS-certified consultants are eligible to participate on BOSS SME committees.

Once you've attended BOSS University, passed the BOSS consultant test, and agreed to the program’s terms and conditions, you’ll be denoted as a BOSS-certified consultant and can use that certification in your marketing to one of the most capable and forward-thinking user communities in North America. Last year the Landscape Management Top 150 grew at an average rate of 12%. Over that same period BOSS clients grew at an average rate of 16.4%, over a third faster.

Interested? Please e-mail us at for more information.