FAQ Sheet

We have invested countless thousands of hours over the past decade towards a single purpose: Helping our landscaping clients earn more money. The result of that investment is an enterprise software system built from the ground up for landscapers, designed to drive efficiency throughout your organization, providing high client touch, and providing actionable intelligence to the decision-makers. That system is called BOSS. It is the culmination of a huge and ongoing technology investment, many times what any individual company could invest. We’re inviting you to kick the tires.

What is BOSS?

BOSS is a technology service designed to improve every aspect of a landscaping business, from start to finish, from the time a prospect is identified to when you’re cashing his check. BOSS helps keep you organized, enables profitable bids, provides job costing, gives you tools to schedule the work, creates invoices, and provides the owner and executive a window into his business, something that’s otherwise difficult to maintain as a company grows. It’s our goal to have all the information needed to run and understand the business stored in one spot and accessible to all those who need it. To the extent possible, this information is gathered during the normal course of doing business, not via a bunch of extra work.

iStock_000037160318SmallAs we've been working with prospects and clients over the years, we've been asked a number of questions about our company and our products. We anticipate that you might have many of those same questions, so we've prepared this FAQ page just for you.

I see that your company is based in the 'Show Me' state of Missouri. Where’s the proof that BOSS works?

Last year our clients, on average, grew their businesses 16.4%. Since our inception, our clients have grown their businesses an average of 15% per year. At that rate, a business will double in size approximately every five years! And those who have known you longest know you best: Of our first twenty clients, 100% are still BOSS users.

What is your track record?

We believe that the best testament to the value of BOSS is the high percentage of long-term clients and their constant referrals, leading to an average growth rate for our landscaping business unit of over 30% per year.

Who qualifies for BOSS?

Any sharp operator wishing to kick-start his growth and increase his profits.

What Accounting Systems does BOSS work with?

An accounting integration is an expected part of every implementation that we do. Since Integra’s inception, we have done an accounting system integration on almost every single system implementation. We have successfully integrated with a wide variety of accounting systems including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Sage 300.

How big do I need to be?

We have successful operators with as little as $1M in annual revenue. We've found that most operators need a system like BOSS when they get to $3M in revenue. We have landscaping clients with over $50M in landscaping-related revenue. Our Marine Services business unit supports clients with revenues of over a billion dollars per year.

How do I find out more?

Watch our executive briefing. Afterwards, we’ll call and offer to provide you a live demonstration. There is no obligation and no pressure. If you’re a straight-to-it type, e-mail us at info@BOSSLM.com and we’ll have someone call you straightaway to answer your questions.

What does your company do?

We leverage technology in traditionally blue-collar industries: landscaping, river transportation, and food service.

Do you understand landscaping?

Yes, but we’re always learning. Several on our team have significant boots-on-the-ground landscaping experience.

When I need support will I get directed to India for support from someone who I can’t understand and doesn't even know the system?

Never with BOSS. Our support personnel are highly skilled as they are the very same people who provide deployment, configuration, and training services. Though we’re spread out far and wide, our entire team resides in the United States. Our clients log a support ticket via the support site and generally get a resolution within a few hours. Urgent requests are prioritized. Everyone speaks English as their native language and we offer training and support in Spanish as well. If an issue isn't resolved to a client’s satisfaction, we encourage escalation to their account manager and beyond.

What kind of training is available?

We provide in-depth, live, on-site training two weeks before your company goes live. We also offer monthly live Deep Dive webinars in which we highlight a particular part of the system and explain its use. We provide quarterly BOSS Universities at our headquarters where we cover the functions of the system at a more in-depth level, a course designed for executives and other advanced users. We provide training at our annual client conference. We have a constantly evolving library of training videos available 24/7 on our support site. The system has built-in context-specific help functions. We provide live web-based seminars for each major software release. We produce hard-copy training, documentation, and release notes. We take training very seriously and utilize any feasible avenue to deliver it. Most of these training resources are provided at no additional cost.

Is BOSS easy to use?

Albert Einstein stated, “Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Landscaping looks simple on the surface but it’s a deceivingly complex business and any enterprise software built to support a complex business in a comprehensive manner is going to require an investment in training, especially for the complex functions and sophisticated users.  Nevertheless, following Einstein’s admonition, we work to make things as simple as possible. For example, the crew-based time-tracking mobile apps are very simple and intuitive and are provided in both English and Spanish (as are the mobile training videos.)

Is BOSS expensive?

BOSS is affordable, with monthly costs scaled to the size of organization and that track seasonally with our clients’ needs. BOSS provides an excellent return on investment for the serious operator and that’s how we ask our clients to evaluate BOSS because ROI is the bottom line for any business investment. Given that our goal is having long-term clients, we work to ensure that your organization receives a healthy return on its investment in BOSS. Plus, we’ll never stop working to increase your ROI. Ever. Ask the clients who've been with us for many years and they’ll tell you that the BOSS of today is far superior to the one they purchased and without any change in the pricing model whatsoever. Now, if you’re not serious and determined to grow your business and increase your profits (and many are not so motivated), BOSS is not a good fit for you.

Do you ever make improvements to BOSS?

Yes. Constantly. We have a team of developers going to work every single business day (and often beyond) to improve BOSS. We get feedback from our clients on what they need, weigh how those suggestions impact the product, and go about methodically improving the application. Once a particular development cycle is complete, we roll out the new version to each client at their request. We even occasionally come up with a good idea on our own. The major thrust of our efforts is toward improving efficiency, accountability, and actionable intelligence.

How do you get feedback from your clients?

We hear from our clients in numerous ways, formal and informal: through our account managers, support personnel, phone calls, e-mails, training forums, the user conference, and site visits. We are always listening. When we’re preparing for a large enhancement we form a subject matter expert (SME) committee of four to six of our sharpest operators in a given area and formally request their ideas and feedback. Our last SME committee was focused on mobile apps. Our current SME committee was formed early this year to improve BOSS snow functionality, a project now in development and set for release later this year. The next SME committee will likely be centered on irrigation.

Will BOSS be there when I need it?

Yes. BOSS was designed and built by The Integra Group, a software corporation that’s been solving business problems with technology for over fifteen years. The company is financially secure, enjoys a large and growing customer base across multiple industries throughout the U.S. and Canada, thinks long-term, and builds its businesses methodically and with great care. We know our customers are depending on us and act accordingly. We are diversified.  In addition to the landscaping business unit, Integra has a marine services business unit which supports barge traffic running the Mississippi river system and still maintains its custom software development arm.

Why have I never heard of you?

This was an actual question posed to us last year by a large operator based in Texas and we appreciated the question. Up until this point, client referrals have been our bread and butter, resulting in new clients that kept us growing as quickly as we could without sacrificing quality. And though we will always appreciate client referrals, we've made substantial investments in personnel and technology to prepare to expand even more rapidly and so we’re now starting to market ourselves proactively. As with all that we do, we’ll test the waters and improve the process as the market teaches us.

Are you just software?

Winston Churchill stated, “True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.” Most of our operators have a fine-tuned intuition regarding their businesses, but the successful business eventually outgrows the founder’s gut instincts because he just won’t have the day-to-day feel that he once did and good instincts are hard to develop in others. We work to provide an entrepreneur with tools to augment his instincts as his business grows and processes to help that growth happen in a controlled and sustainable fashion. Our work is centered on the software because it’s the best tool to gather and present the information required for our clients to make prudent business decisions, but at the core, we’re just business people who understand technology. We appreciate and understand that the decisions are made by people, not software and systems. We see our job as providing the information our clients need to make informed decisions.

Once I’m on board will you raise the price?

Clients receive maintenance updates at no additional charge. We have always reserved the right to request additional charges for significant new functionality but thus far we have never requested additional charges from existing clients.

Will you nickel and dime me to death?

No. Our monthly time and materials invoices are an exceedingly small percentage of our total revenues.

It sounds like you guys think you’re perfect. Are you?

Most assuredly not. But we are diligent and working to take care of our clients. We’re not successful unless we do our part to help our clients succeed.

What are the benefits of BOSS?

So, let's review some of the benefits of BOSS:

  1. We can help you increase your company’s revenue.
  2. We can help you increase your profit.
  3. We can help drive efficiency throughout your organization.
  4. We can provide your decision-makers with actionable intelligence.
  5. We can provide you accurate job costing.
  6. We can provide a professional web-based client interface to manage the interactions with your clients.
  7. We can provide improved accuracy in your proposals and very fast rebids, letting your sales reps cover more ground.
  8. We can provide much of this functionality right to the field via mobile devices.
  9. We can provide a central place for all of your data to be stored.
  10. We can provide an accessible anywhere service through our 100% web-based product.