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Choosing the right management suite software for your business is a difficult task. We know this because, during the early days of the Integra Group, we saw business after business looking for a better solution to fit their needs. It didn’t exist, so we made it for them. And our goal was to make it flexible, scalable, and more powerful than the rest in order to address the problems we saw in the industry. We made a major leap in innovation with the release of the BOSS software and don’t intend to quit that endeavor anytime soon. 

Do-it-All Business Management Software

BOSS is an all-encompassing software that affects every part of your business. To understand all of its potential and how it can specifically help in your business’s growth, you’ll need to see how it affects all the different roles within your business. We have the necessary learning materials to help you educate yourself on what features BOSS can offer your business as well as what support is available in helping you both implement the software and thrive in using it. 

Needing minimal on-site IT support, BOSS is perfect for businesses that don’t have a full IT department. However, due to the scaling potential that is built into the platform, BOSS is also perfect for the largest of companies in the service sector. It gives back as much as you ask of it. A single system that hosts, in the cloud, all of your companies’ data, your team will always be up to date with the latest information. Having instant data and feedback enables you to make the right strategic calls when it comes to your business. 

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GP has gone up 15% since deploying BOSS
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