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Implementing an enterprise management software affects every division of your company. You can’t help but to wonder how the implementation of the BOSS would affect you. Below is how the BOSS works for each of the divisions of your company.

Production Team

If you’re part of the production team, you’re going to love our mobile app. We know that you guys are often in the field and needing to check and update things on the fly. Crews can clock in, log materials, and flag issues that might arise for the next crew. Production managers will immediately appreciate that scheduling is completely centralized, reducing errors in making the schedule, and that both scheduling and time reporting are always up to date. BOSS also provides you with daily performance information that managers can use to gauge crew performance on any job.

Sales and Account Management

Provided with BOSS is a comprehensive CRM that is built into the platform. That means all the information a sales representative needs is easily accessible and always up to date. Every step of the sales process is documented, searchable, and actionable. All of this functionality is on the BOSS mobile app for easy access anywhere and anytime. Sales reps also love the integrated issue-tracking feature that schedules follow-ups with your clients. BOSS ensures that everyone who interacts with the customer is always up to date on their status.


BOSS offers better branch management with macro and micro views of branch performance. Monitoring up-to-date performance relative to a branch’s territory and market size has proven to be invaluable BOSS power users. BOSS provides rich visual organization to any data set, making it easier and faster to understand what you’re working with. While generating reports, managers can use one of the most celebrated features of BOSS: Pivot Reports. This allows you to zoom in and out of your business, reorganize, sort, and summarize with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Efficiently get the data you need to see in exactly the way you need to see it.

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BOSS gives us real time information each day, so when we make decisions, they are not based on what happened last month or quarter, but based upon daily updated information.
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