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BOSS is a flexible software that conforms to your business’s needs. Not the other way around. Many other software providers offer a “boxed” solution where your business has to meet the parameters of the software. This can include changing company nomenclature to fit the software or even changing company procedures in order to match a software feature. Not only are these software providers offering you the exact same enterprise management solution as someone who is in a completely different field, but they are charging exorbitant fees on top of that. BOSS was made specifically for the Service Sector and we understand your business. Plus, BOSS adapts to what might be unique to your company or something your enterprise isn’t able to change easily. We work with you to maximize your return on investment for BOSS because we believe that software is something that serves your needs, not something to which your business should have to conform.

Minimal Upkeep

We are well aware that switching your enterprise management software is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Where other software providers sell you a “boxed” software that an IT department has to brief themselves on and implement, BOSS has a deployment team that gets your team trained and ready to get the most out of BOSS. But communication doesn’t stop there. No, we see our clients as partners. It’s feedback that makes BOSS the most powerful enterprise management system that it is. We tell you how best to use our software and you tell us how best we can conform the software to your needs. You don’t get that from a “boxed” software. There are many things that set BOSS apart from the competition, but the one we’re most proud of is the relationship that is formed between us and our clients. From this, we have a better foundation of understanding and we grow from the things we learn from each other. That is something you can’t buy off the shelf from a “boxed” software.


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[The Issues module] is our primary way to communicate information about the job. So we still have a lot of e-mails – there’s still a lot of e-mails that happen off the record, but anything that’s a core function to the job they must keep in the issue module.
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 5

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