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We bring the same level of care and attention to detail to the BOSS Mobile application as we do to all of our products. We know that our app is going to be used by employees of various responsibilities and we conceived of the BOSS app accordingly. We offer 4 mobile options, the most of any enterprise management software in the landscape management field, in order to suit the needs of a variety of employees. Of these 4 options, the most basic is a purposely simple app for basic hour logging procedures. Your employees out in the field will appreciate this easy to use mobile option that they can use as they work and move from property to property. At a higher level, the more complex mobile option provides audit capabilities, work order capabilities, as well as a GPS feature that routes managers to properties. 

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Your company has a lot of moving parts, and each part of it needs access to different levels of BOSS. The BOSS mobile app facilitates your company’s on-the-go and on-site needs for all of your employees. If a problem arises on site, an employee can take a picture and the appropriate person at the office will receive it. There is no need for employees to exchange personal phone numbers. By keeping all information on BOSS, your company is able to keep records and maintain professionalism in the workplace.

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