Branch Management

Manageable Growth

As companies grow larger and larger, growing pains are bound to happen. Branch management, specifically, is a sticking point for many organizations. Enterprise management software, such as BOSS, helps make organization and compatibility between branches easier. With BOSS, multiple branches across multiple states, each with their own tax jurisdictions, can easily be managed in. Invoices, work orders, payroll totals, can all be accumulated in real time and segmented to your specifications automatically. BOSS makes it easy to see both the bird’s-eye view of all branches at one time as well as individual work orders on one of your smallest jobs.

We Grow with You

With BOSS, you have the ability to add on or split branches in a dynamic way. We know that your business has to be flexible to meet market demands. In response to this, we developed BOSS to be just as flexible as you are. You can change your organization’s structure on BOSS easily, and in a timely manner, without losing any of the accumulated information attached to each branch. In this way BOSS lets your company grow as it needs to without your enterprise management software slowing you down.

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