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What can make or break a company is the accuracy and timeliness of your service catalog, that is, what you do and what you charge for it. If this isn’t accurate and up to date, your business is running blindfolded. When companies are smaller, this service catalog is easier to manage. But, as companies grow, the enormity of information can be overwhelming if it isn’t organized in the right ways. BOSS takes control of the information and maintains accuracy throughout your organization as you make bids. No one wants to commit to a price point with a client only to find out that your bid went under budget. And if your bids are coming out too high, then you’re not going to get enough customers to survive. We know that profitability can be a slim margin in your business. That’s why BOSS’s overall goal is to ensure that you have the right tools to make your business as profitable as possible. 

Always Up to Date

We know that this is especially important in construction and maintenance. Having accurate and up-to-date information in your service catalog allows you to stay on top of your estimating system. BOSS’s service catalog can be structured to easily update pricing and maintain accurate rates so that you know every job is getting the most profit as possible. You can also set permissions so that only team members who need access to the catalog can edit the catalog. This safety precaution helps in ensuring accuracy. When someone makes an edit to the catalog, BOSS updates these rates in real time, which enables the edits to be applied across all estimates on current jobs and in the future. 

This tool is incredibly valuable regarding maintenance renewals. If you’re going to be locked into a certain timeframe, you have to be sure that the price you set is accurate. Our clients rely on the real time updates of BOSS to go into maintenance renewal meetings with confidence.

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This is how they stay in the loop [using issues]. Any issue or problem identified on the job – good or bad – gets documented as an issue. That sends out a blast to the account manager and the production manager… The account manager and the production manager know about [changes], so when Miss Smith calls… they can proactively know the answer without having to say, ‘Yes Miss Smith, let me call production.’
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 7

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