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Customer relationship management is something that many software solutions offer, but most don’t offer a quality product. Not only is CRM and lead management included in BOSS but it’s also a leader in its field. BOSS’s CRM/lead management allows for real-time information to flow directly to your Sales and Marketing team. This is not another email inbox posing as something more sophisticated than it really is. For example, your company can manage complex property management structures, transfers of properties, and manage commissions with ease. Fleshing out a marketing list with contacts updating in real time is easier than ever. Your team will maintain accuracy and consistency when dealing with customer interaction because everyone has access to up-to-date information, as well as a complete customer history.

Consistent Cooperation

We’ve found that one of the biggest time-wasting practices is for an employee to have to hunt down another employee that knows crucial information that is necessary for either sealing the deal with a potential customer or maintaining a healthy relationship with an ongoing customer. 

Your Sales and Marketing team can all be on the same page with BOSS. All the information needed is in one, user-friendly place. In addition to that, our CRM/lead management also offers goal-setting functionality. Management can set goals and your team will be able to see their goals alongside pertinent information in order to prioritize how they proceed with an account. An example of just how integrated these features are in BOSS as a whole is that a sales team member can seamlessly move signed contracts into production and have an automatic notification sent to both their manager and the appropriate person in production. BOSS’s CRM/lead management shows that ease of use and sophisticated functionality can exist in one product.

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