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We know that when it comes time to make an estimate, each component of that estimate has to be accurate and up to date. BOSS is up to both of these tasks and allows your company to take on the biggest of estimates with confidence. BOSS is regularly used in estimating extremely large construction projects as well as huge HOA maintenance contracts. Any estimate, large or small, will be accurate and up to date as information is synced in real time across the platform. BOSS also tracks actuals vs. estimates. So, as material costs change or some other unforeseen change occurs, BOSS automatically keeps up with actuals vs. estimates. This feature allows your company to refine your estimating process and pricing mid-project, which keeps your customers up to date on expenses as well. 

Keeping up with Trends

We are always updating BOSS to keep up with industry trends. We’re aware that there are a variety of tools that companies can use that make estimates more accurate than they ever have been before. One such tool is satellite or aerial measurements of roofs. We’ve made BOSS to be compatible with outside vendors to import satellite or aerial measurements. Emblematic of how BOSS is made to work for your company’s specific needs, this feature helps speed up the process for estimating large properties as well as developments. 

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Check Out what BOSS Partners Have to Say:

Check Out what BOSS Partners Have to Say:


Adding the BOSS Mobile feature saved us enough in administrative costs (using $17/hour estimate) that it pays for our total cost of BOSS.
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