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Intelligent Information Security

It’s every company’s nightmare. A breach of security that leads to customer distrust and dissatisfaction in the tools you use. We think of this along the same lines as you do. We never want to see the day where we fail to keep your information secure. We keep the information of some of the largest companies in the service sector secure from both inside and outside threats. We have over 130 permission settings that limit your employees’ access to potentially compromising information. This allows your company to allocate permission clearance appropriate to an employees’ role and security requirements. 

Committed to Excellence

BOSS is used by Landscape/Snow and Ice Management companies that exceed annual revenue of $5 billion, the largest of their kind. BOSS is also used by river transport companies that vastly exceed even that number. We see these accounts as a testament to our ongoing dedication to information security. Their IT teams routinely test our platform and we consistently stand up to those tests. The use of BOSS by these companies also shows that outside probing of these large revenue earners also proves to be ineffective. We are committed to bringing the best technological solutions to the service sector, an industry that typically gets older technology that doesn’t always address industry specific needs. We ensure that BOSS’s information security is up-to-date and serves the specific needs of the service sector. 

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Adding the BOSS Mobile feature saved us enough in administrative costs (using $17/hour estimate) that it pays for our total cost of BOSS.
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