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We’ve made BOSS’s invoicing tool to be fast, accurate, and easy to use. Built into the same platform that keeps track of your employees’ hours and material costs, you can do T&M invoicing the same day the work is completed. There’s no need to cross check numbers as you switch between different software. BOSS has it all connected together to maintain accuracy and make invoicing easy on you and your clients. From there, all of your invoices are saved to BOSS for any future review that might be necessary. 

Invoice in Moments

For bigger projects, BOSS can batch monthly or set budget contracts into one itemized invoice that takes only moments to create. BOSS keeps track of T&M throughout the month for any of your employees that might have worked on a given project. Gone are the days of piecemealing your T&M together from a variety of platforms that aren’t connected. We see BOSS as a holistic approach to running your business. Since invoicing covers multiple departments of your company, BOSS ensures that all of this information is synced from department to department in real time in order to maintain accuracy. The interconnectivity of BOSS facilitates even more invoicing benefits. For example, invoices are synced with your accounting system for accounts receivable reporting. 

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Just wanted to say that I have access to the new version of BOSS and I am very excited and happy about it. I can see some enhancements of performance that have come into play and it just feels great generally.
Steve Bolesta

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