Role-Based System

Restrict Access to Relevant Parties

With any kind of company-wide software solution, you’re going to want a role-based system. This means that employees at every level of your company can use BOSS with varying levels of access to each part of the system. For instance, your newest hire might not need access to an enterprise-level overview of your company, but probably does need a way to clock in to log their hours. This kind of permission-based access allows you to set up approval processes for work orders and proposals based on an employee’s role within your company. Another example of this would be if a certain level of employee in your company needs approval before sending something to a client. You can configure BOSS’s role-based system to ensure that manager approval is granted before this employee is able to communicate with the client.

Optimize Workflow

BOSS is a flexible platform that lets you adjust levels of access as your company grows. Organizations change as they grow, and BOSS doesn’t hold you back from making that next step in your company’s growth. Instead of nickel-and-diming you to make changes to your enterprise management software, BOSS comes with the ability to customize elements of the software to better suit your needs, including roles. 

A role-based enterprise management system improves your company’s workflow. Instead of asking for certain information over and over, an employee can simply be granted access to that information. If certain information becomes irrelevant to an employee’s position, access can be removed, which declutters workload. As any manager knows, optimizing workflow is key to efficient employees and lasting growth. With the BOSS’s role-based system, workflows can be optimized by putting the right information in the right employees’ hands. 

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