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The Service Industry

We serve the Service Industry. This includes landscape companies, roofing companies, pest control, food service, concrete contractors, marine transport, electrical, supply chain management, tree care, irrigation, cleaning companies, HVAC, plumbing, snow removal, interior plant maintenance, and window washing. BOSS web service was developed specifically for the Service Industry and addresses the problems that you face everyday: organization, ensuring profitable bidding, job costing, scheduling, invoices, and a way for executives and managers to see cost-savings maneuvers and growth potential that was previously hidden from sight. 

Sophisticated Solutions

We are businesspeople much like you are. We just see business through a technological point of view. But, at our core, we are business minded. We chose software as our line of work because we recognize that it’s the best tool for both the organization and the presentation of the information required to run a successful business. We, however, understand and appreciate that business decisions are made by people, not software and systems. We see our job as providing our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions that grow their business in smart, sustainable ways

Growing Businesses

We know that your business got to the point of growth and success it’s at today because of your organization’s executive decision-making skills. BOSS is a tool that augments those skills. Something that’s difficult to maintain as a company grows is the day-to-day feel of operations that business owners once had when their company was just starting out. BOSS puts that day-to-day feel back within reach by organizing all the information needed to better run and improve upon operations in one, easy to use, interface.

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Adding the BOSS Mobile feature saved us enough in administrative costs (using $17/hour estimate) that it pays for our total cost of BOSS.
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