Why it's Bad to Compare a Checklist of Features


We’ve all seen the side-by-side checklist of features that compares one product to another. When you see this kind of comparison, you assume each check-marked box is equivalent and your job is to find which product checks off more of the things you want. However, not all products are made equally. Companies will buy expensive corporate management software solutions based on the fact that one software offers more check-marked boxes.

If you truly want to compare software features, you need to have more information than a checklist comparison. Ask yourself, “What kind of software actually aligns with my business’s needs?” You know what your business needs. It shouldn’t, however, be assumed that a software company knows your needs. For example, a landscape company that services residential housing vs. commercial facilities are two vastly different organizationseach with their own needs. If you’re looking at a software company that doesn’t understand your business and the details that make up your world, their software is not going to serve you well. Consider what type of service the software was built to serve. Don’t compromise if a software doesn’t suit your company’s needs. We provide custom software solutions. Consider BOSS. 

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I love this… I can send it up the chain if it’s urgent. We escalate urgent issues. Urgent issues go all the way to the top of our company… Urgent issues are things where you’re gonna lose a property.
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 6

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