Why Choose BOSS?

Make The Right Choice

In today’s world, the quality and capability of your business management software is critical to your future success. You can’t afford to make mistakes or get it wrong.

It’s essential to choose a vendor who understands your business and has a team, technology, and a track record you can trust.

What sets BOSS apart?

BOSS is the ONLY Enterprise Level Software For Landscapers That Has:

1319149743_app_globe Cloud-Based Software – BOSS is software as a service (SaaS). It is automatically upgraded and maintained. The system can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Your IT expenses are dramatically reduced.
1319148588_smile Client Retention - Over the years we've had very low client turnover.  This is due to our obsessive focus on client satisfaction, the exceptional quality of the software and the close contact with our clients. Whether it’s site visits, training, the annual user conference, peer groups, or support, we’re constantly asking our clients how we can improve.  BOSS is much more than an enterprise software system; we work hard to become a trusted business partner.
1319148673_money PriceAlign™ Payment - Our unique fee structure creates a win/win partnership with our clients. It provides us with financial incentive to help every customer grow and thrive, to constantly work to improve and enhance our products and services.  Percentage-based billing ensures that your expenses track with your company’s cash-flow.  Your incremental costs decrease as your revenue grows.
1319148754_key True Data Integration – BOSS is a carefully integrated system. All your BOSS data resides in a single database, leaving you confident in the accuracy of your data, and the ability to analyze your company’s progress on-demand.  Historical data is stored for years, letting you chart and analyze your progress.  True data integration provides real-time data with no lag. Once it’s entered into BOSS, it's available (your CFO will love that!).
1319158286_clock Exceptional Training & Support – Your BOSS team helps you get the most from your software by providing training and support in person, on the phone, via email and over the web. We can also accommodate special needs within your business.
1319148905_man Expert Deployment – Your BOSS deployment team follows a detailed and comprehensive deployment process. Our deployment experts are attentive with your staff to make sure that needs are met and the details are managed.
1319148999_lock Security & Transportation – Your system is protected by network security technology. Your data is transferred to off-site backups each and every night. The technology that supports BOSS is located in data centers with secure physical access.
1319157210_chart_bar_up Increase Your Company's Market Value – When it’s time to monetize your company, BOSS pays off again because purchasers pay premiums for professionally-managed, system-driven companies. And if you’re looking to expand, one of the largest expenses incurred in an acquisition is integration with the newly purchased company’s process and software. By purchasing another BOSS-based company, the integration expense and effort is dramatically reduced, accelerating your return on investment.
1319148986_star Smart, Successful Customers – The BOSS user community is replete with forward-thinking, growth-oriented operators. They help one another, informally, at training classes, through BOSS subject matter expert groups, and through industry peer-groups. They openly share because they receive so much value. It’s another exciting and profitable part of being a BOSS client.
1319148673_money Accounting Integration - An accounting integration is an expected part of every implementation that we do. Since Integra’s inception, we have done an accounting system integration on almost every single system implementation. We have successfully integrated with a wide variety of accounting systems including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Sage 300.