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Why BOSS?  Why Now?

  1. Do some of your estimators perform great and sell profitable work, while others are hit and miss?
  2. Are you struggling to achieve your profitability goals?
  3. Do you struggle to determine profitability on each job or service?
  4. Do you have multiple software programs to manage your leads, estimates, scheduling, and billing?
  5. Are you using spreadsheets to manage important aspects of your business?
  6. Do you experience delays or routine errors with billing clients?
  7. Is the lack of qualified labor hindering your growth?
  8. Do you have challenges matching your labor team to the work you have sold?
  9. Have you been searching for the right mobile solution to eliminate paperwork?
  10. Are you interested in having one comprehensive solution to manage your entire business?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, contact us, and learn why BOSS is the premier business management software in your industry.


When choosing a mission-critical software solution to operate your business, you are not just choosing software, you are choosing a long-term relationship.

You want a team you can depend on to be there year after year. As an Evergreen company, The Integra Group has a long-term vision. We are a company with a 50-year vision, not a 3-year vision, so we are designed with our long-term service in mind.

Every decision we make is based on a long-term commitment to you.

We have proven, we will be here to meet our commitments to you.

Check Out what BOSS Partners Have to Say:

More than a Product, a Partner.


BOSS makes it a lot easier to achieve your goals because you can look forward and plan the headcount to have.  Before BOSS I attempted to do this, but it was too much work and it was not accurate.  With BOSS we can do it, and do it accurately.
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 14

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