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In many cases for most businesses, even if you know poor performing areas, there are a lot of challenges to getting changes in place. New procedures may need to be designed, staff needs to be trained, all the old ways of doing things have to be stamped out, etc.

BOSS® gives you the control to make the necessary changes quickly and easily. For example, BOSS® establishes systematic estimating. This creates consistency in your estimating, and more dependable profitability regardless of the salesperson. Then, if your performance analysis determines regular underestimating of a particular service, you can go directly into the BOSS® service catalog, make a single change, and instantly all estimates moving forward are improved. No need to chase down all the salespeople to re-train them.

So, BOSS® provides the visibility to issues that need to be addressed, and the control to make the changes you determine to make quickly and easily. This is just one example of the powerful control and business agility BOSS® provides to your business.


BOSS® is a cloud-based system. So, anywhere you can get access to an Internet connection, you can get to BOSS®. As an owner, you can get to your key performance indicators at any time, even when you may be traveling or away from the office. As a key manager or team member, you can get to the information you need while your in the field, or when you are working from home.

The Integra Group has been building cloud-based software since our inception in 1999, even before it was called cloud-based software! Go with a partner that is a technology expert with a proven track record of success. Choose The Integra Group.


You can have the greatest system available, but if you and your team don’t use it, it is of no value. One of Integra’s principles of our craft is making the complex, simple.

We have spent most of our 20+ year history focusing on providing software solutions to industries and user groups considered slow to adopt or even resistant to technology (field service, construction, etc.) The story is typically the same. At the beginning of an implementation, there is significant concern that the users will not be interested or capable of using the solution. Time after time, we succeed and get them past the learning curve, and then they love it.


“BOSS is very intuitive, and our crews caught on very quickly. I can get INSTANTANEOUS information. I have a snapshot of all of our activities literally at the push of a button.”

– Engledow Group, Jim Engledow

You need a solution that works for you. We can’t wait to hear you say…My BOSS® is working for me!

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I’ve been doing quality audits in our company for years. The quality audit tool makes life easy. We do about four times as many audits as we used to. It is that easy.
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 2

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