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We are big believers in BOSS®.  It allows us to do what we are passionate about…helping people.  But, ultimately, you don’t want to just take our word for it because we are selling something, right?  So, don’t just take our word for it.  Listen to the real-world experience of your comrades in the industry!



When we originally rolled out BOSS® it started with estimating and the contract. We did not track sales leads or prospects (traditionally CRM information). So, like typical software engineers, we saw some duplicated effort with clients entering the same information more than once, and we wanted to solve that problem. Eliminating the duplicate effort and errors was the ROI we were after for our clients.

Then, one of our larger clients used the BOSS® CRM functionality for a few years and shared his experience at our Client Conference. “The BOSS® CRM functionality allowed our salespeople to manage a much higher volume of estimates and bids. With a similar closing percentage, all our salespeople sold more work. The result has been growth!” This company has tripled in size since Going Live with BOSS®!!!


In their own words, one BOSS® client stated he treated “the BOSS® software purchase like buying a mower or mulch blower [because it] makes you change your view from an expense to an investment and opens up a whole new way of thinking as you implement and evaluate results.”

The results…He calculated a return on investment on BOSS® of almost 100% the first year he began his “investment”. For perspective, his new mower got close to 30% ROI and his truck and trailer had about 25% ROI. The returns on the BOSS® are real and thinking of it as an investment is the right way of thinking about it.


Another one of our clients, says his company’s growth got to the point where they recognized the need for an enterprise business management software solution. The software they initially chose was not user friendly and, crucially, gave inaccurate results. He says it cost his company a $350K account because this software’s job costing information gave him a bid that was unreasonably high. Still recognizing the need for such software, but one that was easy to use and one that produced better results, he turned to BOSS®. We got his team up and running and showed him how to adjust his business operations in small, but noticeably effective ways. Soon, his company’s profits were higher than they had ever been thanks to BOSS®. He attributed this turn of events to the way the BOSS® team does business differently, the “…support from The Integra Group has been spectacular. I have no other supplier that has developed such a partnership-oriented relationship.”


When we originally rolled out BOSS®, mobile technology, particularly the smartphone capability, was not what it is today. So, our focus was on the “back office” functionality more than in the field. So, when we expanded our mobile functionality, we had to encourage some of our clients to adopt it.

One of our clients that had several years of BOSS® experience before the use of field mobile did his own ROI analysis and came to the conclusion that, “By adding the use of the mobile functionality available in BOSS®, we saved enough in administrative costs that it pays for our total cost for BOSS® every year!” All that on just a single feature of BOSS®.

“BOSS is the best decision that I have made for my business, hands down.  The BOSS people are really different than other software companies.  They didn’t try to sell me. Rather, they were more concerned about me and insisted on making sure that BOSS would work well for my business as well as deliver the ROI we expected.” 

– Gardens of Babylon, Marcus Kerske 

“BOSS is very intuitive, and our crews caught on very quickly. I can get INSTANTANEOUS information.  I have a snapshot of all of our activities literally at the push of a button.” 

– Engledow Group, Jim Engledow

Our Satisfied Customers:


My confidence in the ability to estimate and to reconcile and manage to an estimate is at an all-time high. My confidence at pricing work at [my target] margin and performing it at [the target] margin is high.
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 15

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