Partner, Not a Product

“BOSS is the best decision that I have made for my business, hands down.

The BOSS people are really different than other software companies. They didn’t try to sell me. Rather, they were more concerned about me and insisted on making sure that BOSS would work well for my business as well as deliver the ROI we expected.”

– Long time BOSS® Client


When choosing a mission-critical software solution to operate your business, it is a long-term decision. A mission-critical business management system is not something you want to change every year, or even every few years. So, you are not just choosing a software, you are choosing a long-term partner, a long-term relationship. So, you want a team with a long-term plan that you can depend on to be there year after year. You want a partner that is going to have a long-term relationship in mind when you have a need.

As an Evergreen company, The Integra Group has a long-term vision. We are a company with a 50+ year vision, not a 3-year vision. We are a private company, so we have the freedom to do the right thing. We are not beholden to investors. Every decision we make is based on a long-term commitment to you. We have proven, we will be here to meet our commitments to you.

The overarching idea of this relationship is that we’re in it together. We lose if you don’t find the product valuable. Referrals and long-term clients are our bread and butter. Our goal is to get you the best possible ROI on BOSS so that you can’t help but to tell your friends about it and use BOSS for years to come.


Choosing a mission-critical software solution is more than comparing a checklist of features. Software features are changing all the time. Products will constantly trade places as to who has the latest new features, or the newest user interface. Instead, you want to know who you are doing business with. You want to know what drives them and their organization because that is eventually reflected in the results you receive.


Software engineers inherently need to be very smart if they are going to be good. Here at Integra, we have some of the smartest people you will ever meet. Our software engineers have proven over and over again they can build any solution that needs to be build. However, what makes our team of very intelligent software engineers truly unique is that they have an unmatched attitude of humility and service. This causes them to really listen to our clients, which drives our innovation. We truly enjoy teaming up with our clients to create something that has never before existed.

With this service-oriented approach, our success has been accomplished by putting our clients in charge of the product direction of BOSS®.


One of Integra’s core values is Service, and you will find that reflected in our BOSS Support Team. In contrast to a company focused exclusively on a growth goal in order to sell to the next investor, Integra is focused on our service to you every day. Our focus on support service is driven by our philosophy of a long-term relationship, and by our desire for you to get the most out of BOSS®.

Don’t Take Our Word For It


The BOSS Support staff is top shelf. They work diligently to understand a request and then to find the best solution.

– Diaz Group

BOSS support has been a tremendous help. They are always quick to respond, and it’s appreciated. And, they are very good at solving issues.

– Bland Landscaping

Always quick to respond. Very effective. Anything that lacks support usually is on our end of not describing the need very well, but I believe we are always able to find the solution.

– Practical Property

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More than a Product, a Partner.


The BOSS CRM & Bidding functionality allowed our sales people to manage a much higher volume of estimates and bids, including re-bids of past lost work.  The result has been company growth.
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