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BOSS® removes the lid on your growth. BOSS® is the mission-critical solution for companies ranging in size from small startups to multi-billion-dollar giants! Leveraging the solid foundation provided by BOSS®, we have seen our clients grow from less than a million in revenue to many millions, or from $30Mil to well over $100Mil.

From a growth perspective, the systematic processes BOSS® establishes throughout your organization lower the requirements of experience and expertise necessary for all your team members. Remember the systematic estimating example. Since BOSS® builds the intelligence of all of your corporate estimating into a repeatable system, this means you no longer have to hire a 30-year experienced professional to do all of your estimates. This not only reduces costs for the company to fulfill that function, but it also takes off one of the lids to your company’s growth of finding rare talent!

Our excellent team of service-oriented professionals has experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes. So, we will be able to facilitate your growth and help you through the various stages of growth, so you can reach your goals, whatever size that may be. Let us help take your business where you want it to go.


Traditional software pricing models base the software price on the number of users. The user-based model tends to cause companies to “hit the brakes” by encouraging decisions to limit software use to save money, even when the business would benefit from expanded software use.

In contrast, BOSS® provides unlimited users and user roles allowing your business to “hit the gas”!!! You get to dictate your software use throughout the organization without cost concerns. You determine the software users based on your business needs and only pay more for the software if you are successful. This is a real “win-win” arrangement.


As we all know, technology continues to change rapidly. With BOSS®, you will keep up with these technology changes through Integra’s model of continuous technology reinvestment into all BOSS® products. A portion of every client’s monthly subscription provides for this continued investment. In contrast, if you had your own software system, you would have to fund all the technology upgrade investments yourself, or just let the software gradually become obsolete.

As a member of the BOSS® Community, you benefit from the investments of Integra and all Integra Clients. The Integra Group, Inc. has multiple billion-dollar clients across various industries. These large companies require BOSS® to regularly go through internal and external audits. Beyond that, these large companies utilize “white hat” hackers (good guys acting like bad guys) to try to break through our BOSS® security, making sure BOSS® stays ahead of security risks. We know of no other software in the Landscaping and Snow industries that undergoes such on-going audits and security testing rigor.


Ready-made or off-the-shelf software products are less expensive, and faster to implement, but typically do not offer the flexibility to be enhanced to meet your needs. Custom solutions are built specifically to your needs but are very expensive in comparison, time-consuming for your staff, and take much longer to implement. With BOSS®, Integra offers the best of both worlds between a ready-made software product, and custom software built from scratch. BOSS® is a proven, enterprise-class software product, with enhancement ideas coming from many industries. And, with Integra’s long and successful history of custom software development, we have the in-house expertise, and the willingness to tailor BOSS® to your needs.

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BOSS makes it a lot easier to achieve your goals because you can look forward and plan the headcount to have.  Before BOSS I attempted to do this, but it was too much work and it was not accurate.  With BOSS we can do it, and do it accurately.
Matt Bland – BOSS Client Conference 14

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