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Sophisticated Analysis

A certain feel for operations is lost as a company grows bigger and bigger. As we see it, it’s our job to put the necessary tools in your hands to get that sense back. You don’t have to drown in all of the data and information that your thriving business generates. We think reports should provide meaningful insights into your business. So much so that BOSS software has a built-in Business Intelligence reporting engine. Included with BOSS is the capability to produce interactive graphical reports through this reporting engine. Which means there is no need to purchase additional reporting software for sophisticated analysis.

This is part of our approach to an all-in-one enterprise software management solution. We think that software should scale with your business, be flexible enough to adapt to your business, and not break the bank. We include things that other companies charge extra for, we’re not here to upsell you. We’re here for an ongoing relationship with your company. We include these features in BOSS because we see them as necessary elements to successful enterprise management software.

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Why Choose BOSS?

Outside the Box

Our platform is extremely flexible and with our roots in custom software, we will tailor it specifically to you and your needs. We are not a box software solution; we are a tailored resolution to overcome the challenges your company faces. We want to conform to your needs, not for you to conform to our software.

Red Carpet Roll Out

We are service-focused. From the day you start implementation to 20 years in, our processes are created to help our clients utilize the software to get the best Return On Investment possible. If you have ever been sold a dream to only find out the service on the backside doesn't meet your expectations, then let our team show you how it should be done!

We Are Evergreen

We aim to be your partner for years to come, which means we are not building our company to sell. In fact, we are what is known as an Evergreen company. Evergreen businesses are led by purpose-driven leaders with grit and resourcefulness to build and scale private, profitable businesses. This is important because when you choose a software partner, you don't want the company's direction to change as acquisitions take place.

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