Snow Sales: Catching “The Big Fish”

Elite snow teams celebrate winning snow partnerships with premier sites – the game-changing referrals, the pride of our region, the majority of our revenue – but not everyone is good […]

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5 Metrics Every Business Owner Should Know

We care deeply about the businesses we own, much like a parent cares for its child; both of us invest risk, effort, wealth, and sacrifice, so staying aware of health […]

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Contract Renewals and Client Retention

Maintenance contract renewals along with client retention rates are typically a tough subject around most landscape companies’ offices, but especially with the mayhem that has already been the year 2020 […]

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The Reporting Trifecta: Powerful, Simple, Customizable

If you like having absolute control over your business data and visualizing exactly where your business improvement opportunities are, this blog is for you. Most industry software solutions market having […]

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Open Heart Surgery

The painful yet essential move to Landscape Business Software. Selecting and deploying a Business Management Software is one of the most significant decisions a management team will make in the […]

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Not All Dollars Are Created Equal (Vol. 2)

This is our second installment in a series called, “Not All Dollars Are Created Equal.” The premise is that we’ve all heard the phrase, “A dollar is a dollar is […]

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My BOSS Software ROI

John Richter, President of Richter Landscape Company Most contractors invest heavily in equipment and tools for a specific task. However, once you have made those investments, you do not leave […]

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Not All Dollars Are Created Equal (Vol. 1)

Not All Dollars are Created Equal Have you ever heard the phrase “a dollar is a dollar”? …it’s a lie. The hard-learned lesson for business owners is not all dollars […]

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